Flow Promotion Technology


AIR BLASTER SYSTEM is used as flow promoting aid in bulk solids handling. Air Blaster have proven most successful when compared with other flow promoting devices, especially in high temperature zone.

Flow Problem of Bulk Solids

Flow Problem of Bulk Solids are Arching, Bridging, Rat-holing & Funnelling.

Kaveri Air Blaster consists of an Air Vessel in which Compressed Air at 6-8 kg/cm2 pressure is stored. This full quantity of Air at this pressure is released in a fraction of second resulting in a blast, which when directed at the problematic critical zone through special nozzles, achieves the dislodging of bulk solid build-up and promotes flow


Compressed air is fed through an air train consisting of moisture separator, filter, regulator, lubricator to the Flow Control Unit (FCU). The micro processor based sequential logic controlled (FCU) operates the individual Air Blaster in cyclic pattern. Optionally the FCU can be connected to plant PLC for blasting automation.


Depending on the Equipment and location, Proper design, profile and material of Nozzle are selected. The Nozzles are mounted on the equipment so as to direct all the force of the blast to promote flow of bulk solids.

In most installations, the bin / Hopper need not be emptied..

  • Spring Loaded lightweight all aluminium piston.
  • Air Blaster mountable at any position (Horizontal / Vertical / Inclined).
  • Air Vessel inlet and outlet at opposite ends for efficient operation and easy maintenance.
  • Suitable for High Temperature material in excess of 1100 Deg C.
  • 50-650 Liters capacity for wide application range.