Conveyor Care Products


Kaveri is a leading manufacturer of engineered conveyor care products and has developed fundamental principles in belt sway which take a new approach in Belt Tracking System


KAVERI belt tracking system keeps the belt in alignment with automatic continuous adjutments.

In belt conveyors to counter the belt wandering i.e. going off-center on either side, Kaveri has engineered and developed a QUICK-ACTING AUTOMATIC BELT TRACKING ROLLER SYSTEM, to be mounted on the return side of Belt Conveyors.

Kaveri recommends a minimum of 2 BELT TRACKING ROLLERS, one each near Tail and Head Pulley for short conveyors of less than 50 mts. And for long conveyors additional rollers every 35 - 40 mtrs.


The tracking is achieved in the horizontal plane of the Belt. As the belt starts to move off-center it will contact the tapered section of the Tracker Roller. The shift in weight and differing peripheral rotational speed between the tapered portion of the Tracker Roller w.r.t the center causes the roller to pivot in the opposite direction about its central point.

The extent to which the Tracker Roller will pivot will depend on the extent to which belt moves off center. Since the Tracker Roller is no longer perpendicular to the direction of the return belt travel, the skewed Tracker Roller automatically steers the belt back to its central position.

  • Automatic continuous tracking.
  • Tracking of Belt in same horizontal plane.
  • Double antifriction bearings for vibration free action.
  • Double sealing to prevent entry of dust into bearings.
  • Rubber lagged for longer life.
  • Suitable for Uni direction and Reversible belts.
Belt Tracking System