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Kaveri is a Leading manufacturer of engineered Ceramic Pulley Lagging system & has developed fundamental principles which take new approach in Pulley Lagging

Lagging is used not only to extend the shell life by providing a replaceable wearing surface but also to improve the friction between the belt and the pulley thus eliminates belt slippage

Kaveri Ceramic Pulley Lagging is a must in areas where the pulley operates in extremely difficult working conditions like wet or variable conditions where belt slippage occurs. Rubber Lagging wears out faster and hence a longer lasting lagging would be required.

  • Increase friction between the belt and drive pulley lagging in wet or variable conditions.
  • Eliminate belt slippage between the belt and drive pulley.
  • Reduced wear on belt and other components.
  • Eliminate lagging wear for pulleys.
  • Reduced Belt Tension.
  • Easy to install and replace.