DUST-TECH - Dust Control for Haul Roads and Stock Piles

DUST-TECH - Dust Control for Haul Roads and Stock Piles

Dust-Tech, essentially is a liquid plastic. The polymer has been developed with a particle size of 1m (one micron). That is one & thousandth of a millimeter (0.001mm).

The minute size of the particles allows greater penetration into the soil. The very sticky Dust-Tech liquid polymer is surrounded with stabilizing agents to keep the product from sticking together while in it's packaging. Once the product is mixed with water and applied over the ground an evaporation process of the stabilizing agents takes place, leaving the Dust-Tech polymer to bind with the soil particles.


It is important to test the materials that the product will be applied on. Typically, when treating tailing dam materials for dust stabilization, one would mix Dust-Tech 1:9 parts water and apply the diluted ration at 1 litre per square meter.

The less diluted the application of Dust-Tech polymer, the stronger and longer lasting the solution will be. Dust-Tech, being a liquid plastic will bind the top 5 to 10mm of the tailing material. It is recommended that the product be applied in a fairly diluted format and then subjected to the environmental challenges facing the mine. One can easily apply a second or third mix of Dust-Tech to strengthen the bond, until the right economical / performance criteria are met.

Warranty is subject to:
  • The mine's environmental requirements
  • Longevity requirements
  • Testing of the materials to be treated with Dust-Tech polymer
  • Determining the application rates in accordance
  • Performance warranty can be guaranteed from 3 months to 30 years, subject to customer requirements and budgets

Mine Haul Roads - Stabilization and dust suppression of mine haul roads. Mines have avariety of roads. Some are haul roads, some are pitroads and some are general roads. Not all roads aretreated the same. The heavier duty roadsand roads that are critical to product, need to be stabilized toallow operations to continue in rainy weather.

Water Consumption Reduction - dramatically reduce the water consumption for road maintenance.Dust-Tech is an elastomer and binds the top 10 15mm of the base layer. As regular Dust-Tech applications are applied, the soileventually becomes saturated and applications become more infrequently.

Tailings - stabilize loose materials on tailings. Prevent wind and water erosion. The top 10 15 mm of the tailing is bound and forms a strong crust (seepics on next page)

Solar Panel Farms - bind loose materials under the solar panels and minimize dust deposits on the panels

Heli Pads- stabilize the landing area of helicopters


dust-tech-2 Mines are wasting millions of litres of water per annum with continuous water spraying of tailings to reduce dust.

Reduction in operation maintenance expenditure is always of high importance for mining operations.

Dust-Tech polymer concentrate from Polymer Pavements, is mixed with up to 20 parts water and is applied at approximately one litre of diluted mix per m2. This solution is cost effective and semi & permanent. Normally, Dust-Tech is clear in colour. However a colourant may be added to the product for several reasons:

  • to easily mark and monitor tailing areas that have been treated with Dust-Tech
  • to create a green environmentally friendly looking tailing
  • to easily identify areas that may have been damaged.These areas will show the natural colours of the tailing material
  • One application lasts up to two years
  • A strong "skin" of two to three millimeters will beformed
  • No more daily water spraying is required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost Effective

dust-tech-7 Dust at mining operations can be caused by trucks being driven on unsealed roads,crushing operations, drilling operations and wind blowing over areas disturbed by mining.

Dust levels can be controlled by spraying water on roads,stockpiles and conveyors. Other steps can also be taken, including fitting drills with dust collection systems and purchasing additional land surrounding the mine to act as a buffer zone. Trees planted in these buffer zones can also minimise the visual impact of mining operations on local communities.

dust-tech-8 Simply spray Dust-Tech over the loose material and allow to settle. Within an hour, a thin plastic type film will be formed over the soil, penetrating at least 4mm deep into the soil. Dust-Tech is environmental friendly and will allow seedlings and grass to grow through the film.

One litre of Dust-Tech is mixed with twenty litres of water and sprayed on the area to be treated making it extremely cost effective. Approximately 50ml of Dust-Tech is sprayed per m2. Frequency of application is subject to the road material and traffic conditions.

dust-tech-9 Dust-Tech is a scientifically advanced copolymer specifically formulated to control dust emissions. The nano polymer particles penetrate the top five mm of so, of the road (subject to the roaddensity). It works by saturating, penetrating and bonding dust and aggregate particles together, creating a durable surface that acts as an excellent dust suppressant.

The product will be diluted and applied as per user requirements.

Water can be an effective short term solution, but when the moisture dries, it leaves the soil more fragile creating even more dust.

Oil based emulsions continually percolate and leach through the soil, never binding with the road bed particles to stabilise the surface.

Most asphaltic materials create a thin top layer which is easily picked up and tracked by heavy equipment,leading to surface deterioration in the form of ruts, wash boards and potholes.

  1. Control Dust keep employees healthy
  2. Open road to traffic immediately after applying Dust-Tech
  3. Stabilize dirt sand roads and prevent them from becoming slippery when wet
  4. Improve productivity through better roads
  5. Cost effective
  6. Environmentally friendly
  7. Easy application
  8. Long life storage
  9. Non flammable