Conveyor Care Products



It is an established fact that excessive impact on belt surfaces due to material lump size and height of fall, damages the conveyor belt having conventional impact rollers with rubber rings/sleeves. This leads to extra maintenance effort, contributing to cost hike and reduced machine availability.

Kaveri Impact Pad replaces these conventional impact idlers at the Transfer Points with an added advantage of spillage control.

  • Two layers fusion bonded and sandwiched together.
  • Additionally strengthened by mechanical fasteners.
  • Top layer is made of special Polymer (with self lubricating and low fric property).
  • Bottom layer is made of Special Rubber (with shock-absorbing property).


Impact pads are supplied with modular design frames consisting of Central Main Frame and Wing Supports with adjustment brackets to suit all types of belt conveyor troughing angles.

The Modular support structure has been designed for easy installation to withstand heavy impact and adjustment to suit any troughing angle of the conveyor.

  • Protects belt from tearing and puncture.
  • No moving parts, no lubrication, nil maintenance.
  • Reduces the bounce from falling loads to a minimum.
  • Elimination of Belt Sagging between Idlers hence better spillage control.
  • Eliminates Belt roaming off-track due to jammed impact idlers.
  • Savings on energy consumption.
  • Long life of pads. Fit and Forget Type.
  • Belt is fully supported in the impact zone.