Conveyor Care Products


Bulk material spillage has always been a perennial problem more particularly at the transfer points. Conventionally, rubber strips or cut-conveyor belting wave being used. Kaveri has developed cost effective superior designed skirt board sealing system with segmented Inter locked blocks for effective sealing.

Conventional rubber skirting fails to seal the material due to belt sag between two adjacent rollers under feed chute, whereas Kaveri Spill Stop could be assembled to follow the contouring of the running conveyor belts.

Kaveri Spill Stop Skirt Board Sealing System is a foolproof system, comprising of Interlocking Sealing Blocks, Back Plate & Clamping Plate. The system is designed to suit all conveyors. Sealing Blocks are made in Polymer / Rubber / Polyurethane. High Temperature Grade Blocks are also available

  • Modular Segmented blocks for replaceability.
  • Interlock design blocks for complete sealing.
  • Chained type twin bolt clamp design to ensure rigidity and to avoid oscillation of blocks

  • Compatible to be assembled along with KAVERI main sealing.
  • Arresting of very fine dust that may escape main sealing due to excess belt sway, improper contact pressure, etc.,

  • Overlapped and Interlocked designed blocks for complete sealing.
  • Modular design adjustable blocks are effective to take care of Troughing Contour.
  • Back Plate is permanently fixed to Skirt Plate of main equipment.
  • Blocks can easily be adjusted to suit conveyor contour with a hammer Long life of block when compared with rubber strips / cut belt conveyors.
  • Very simple and quick installation.
  • Easy Replaceable blocks at low cost.
  • Increased productivity due to reduced spillage.
  • Cleaner environment and reduced manpower required for cleaning.
  • No damage to conveyor belt.