Flow Promotion Technology


Kaveri has set the Standard as one of the toughest, slickest dump truck bed Liners in the business.
  • Reduce dangerous high stage dumping impacts
  • Shovelling the bed clean
  • Avoid any carry back material after material unloading
  • Reduce Manpower for unloading & cleaning
  • Protect the bed damages
  • Avoid heavy material spillages through out the running of roads and places after dumping the material
  • Avoid downtime from equipment failure
  • Carry maximum specified capacity of material
  • Very good Impact absorber
  • Very smooth sliding surface
  • Easy to install with Std. Fasteners
  • Easy to replace after Wear & Tear
  • Very good abrasion resistant
  • Longer life
  • Light Weight
  • Nil Water absorber