Conveyor Care Products


Kaveri Universal Skirt Pad is installed between two idlers just after the impact zone (where Impact Pads are fitted) to provide complete support to the belt and minimize belt sag between idlers resulting in better skirt board sealing.

Kaveri Universal Skirt Pads consists of Two Layers of Fusion Bonded sandwiched Polymer and Rubber layers.

It is additionally strengthened by mechanical fasteners.

Top layer is made of special self-lubricating and low friction Polymer and bottom layer is made of shock absorbing Rubber.

  • Unique design – very easy to install.
  • Low Fric Polymer for very smooth support and sliding the belt.
  • Cushion Rubber for absorbing material impact.
  • Effective support to minimise belt sag between two idler rollers.
  • Improved excellent performance of Skirt Board Sealing System.
  • Suitable for all belt widths and troughing angles.